Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yahoo! Snake #2!

I hit this ugly brute with the mower, but it only wounded him. So I jumped off the tractor and severed his spine with my trusty blade.


Claire B said...

Way to go, Jake!!! Keep at it!

Christy said...

Jake's the newest hero in town,
Never lets his people down.
Out early each day he hunts and kills,
Those ghastly creatures up in the hills.

A monument in his honor we'll build,
For all of the serpents he has killed.
And when his grandchildren take the land,
They will never forget their dear old grand.

How we thank you, dear old Jake,
for taking the time to kill those snakes!

Just remember this one thing,
And to this rule you must cling.
Dead or alive a serpent must stay,
From Kim and me, far, far away.

If this rule you forget,
Your covenant living could take a hit.
You and others in your vicinity,
May cross over into eternity.


4x4DixieBoy said...

Now all the snakes are dead an' gone,
Up by the house and by the pond;
So come on up [or down for the Bradshaws] and have no fear,
'cause snakes don't live real long 'round here.

Anonymous said...

That snake is the same kind as referenced in John Gresham's "The Painted House."