Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The copperhead I found and shot whilst mowing

The undermost side of the serpent


Christy said...

NO WAY! You cannot imagine the shivers and willies we have at the Stouffer household right now.

Jacob, you are our hero. Now get out there and kill the rest of them.

Jacob said...

Thank you, Stouffers! I am sure there is some shivering going on at the Elder home too (LOL), and I shall do my best to annihilate the enemy.

Kim said...

There is nothing good about a snake,
They should all have their heads cut off with a rake.
A gun is fine if you don't have rakes,
But please, please get rid of all the snakes.

I can't come for a visit with those slimy critters,
if I do I'll get the jitters.
In Exodus 4:3 Moses dropped the snake and RAN,
I know I'm in good company to be like that man!!

Katie said...

Hey...the only one shivering over here is Mom. I do not mind snakes(as long as they keep their distance).

Christy said...

Amen, and Amen. There is nothing good about a snake. Thanks for the fantastic poem and inspiration, Kim. I can only add...

Serpents do not belong here or there,
Serpents do not belong anywhere.
So when a snake you happen to see,
Remember poor old Kim and me.

Do not think or hesitate,
do not stop to contemplate.
Covenant living the "one anothers,"
Kill that snake for your sisters and brothers.

Take out your Leatherman, knife, or gun,
And kill that snake,
Just get 'er done!

katie said...

Y'all are just born poets!

Jacob said...

Got'er did!

The Bradshaws said...

Christy and Kim,

Just read the poetry, and I'm in complete agreement!


I appreciate any further work you get done along these lines, even though I'm a bit farther away. Can't measure up to Kim and Chirsty, but here's my attempt:

Snakes, snakes,
they give me the shakes!
The stomach churns,
the countenance turns.

A hero is this Jacob,
Go on and pick the gun or rake up [Sorry],
and never, ever hesitate
to help a snake to meet its fate.