Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mixing Fertilizer

We mixed our own fertilizer this year. We desire to keep the garden as "chemical free" as possible, so we used organic materials (i.e. Seed meal, bone meal, lime, and gypsum).


    The Bradshaws said...


    I'd love to have your fertilizer "recipe," if you all would be willing to share.

    4x4DixieBoy said...

    Organic Fertilizer Recipe

    Mix uniformly, in parts by volume:
    4 parts seed meal
    1/4 part lime
    1/4 part gypsum
    1/2 part dolomitic lime

    Plus, for best results:
    1 part bone meal
    1/2 part kelp meal

    We used the bone meal but not the kelp. We are not cognizant of a store 'round here that carries kelp meal, and it is also expensive.