Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A July CSA Basket

Here's last week's basket. It included
a bag of Rattlesnake green beans, a bag of okra, yellow crookneck squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomatoes, a head of Nevada lettuce, and an aromatic bunch of basil.
We are currently sold out of shares, but we do have a waiting list.
If our harvest continues to increase, we may be able to add a few more shares
as the season progresses.
If you'd like to be added to our waiting list, email us at
and let us know.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Garden Pictures

The other day, I was out taking pictures of Gimli for the newsletter. He doesn't like to sit still, so I have to take about 100 to get a couple good ones. Since I had my camera out, I decided to take some pictures of the garden and the farm in general. I thought I'd post them here so y'all can see what the farm looks like this year.

Summer Crisp Lettuce (Hopefully, in next week's CSA basket!)
and Bright Lights Chard
Pretty little Sungold Tomatoes

I'm growing lots of Benary's Giant Zinnias. All the colors are pretty, but the red ones are my favorite.
Ever wonder why Jack climbed a beanstalk into the sky?
Cantaloupes coming soon...
I love to take pictures of Gimli; he's so photogenic. Isn't he cute?

Long shot of only part of the garden