Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Garden Pictures

The other day, I was out taking pictures of Gimli for the newsletter. He doesn't like to sit still, so I have to take about 100 to get a couple good ones. Since I had my camera out, I decided to take some pictures of the garden and the farm in general. I thought I'd post them here so y'all can see what the farm looks like this year.

Summer Crisp Lettuce (Hopefully, in next week's CSA basket!)
and Bright Lights Chard
Pretty little Sungold Tomatoes

I'm growing lots of Benary's Giant Zinnias. All the colors are pretty, but the red ones are my favorite.
Ever wonder why Jack climbed a beanstalk into the sky?
Cantaloupes coming soon...
I love to take pictures of Gimli; he's so photogenic. Isn't he cute?

Long shot of only part of the garden


marmee said...

thanks for sharing long shots of the all looks so healthy. where are all the weeds...we have so many perhaps we sound share some with you. i do the same thing with my (4) dogs many, many photos just to get the exact right expression.
see ya'll at the market.

Keeley said...

Wow, that looks absolutely fabulous! It also looks like an amazing ton of work to maintain. Thank you so much for being our farmers. =)

The Lingo Clan said...

Marmee & Keeley

Those weed-free shots are very strategic! We can't keep up with all the weeds, but mulching heavily with hay helps tremendously.

Thank you for being our customers!


Keeley said...

Just looooooving those cucumbers and green beans. Mmmmm. =) We polished the green beans lickety split.

Can't wait for the cantaloupes.

On the menu tonight: tomatoes, basil, and mozarella cheese with a drizzle of olive oil.

I think I'm going to make a cucumber and tomato salad too. Oh my! I feel so spoiled.

We're not eating through the potatoes as fast as the other veggies. (My husband and I love them - my children, not so much. Because they're weird, that's why. =D) Do you know of any way to store them long-term?

The Lingo Clan said...


Short of having a root cellar, the only way I know to store potatoes is to keep them in a paper sack in the coolest, darkest spot in your home. They will keep for months in a humid cellar at around 40F.


Keeley said...

Thanks Trish. =)

We gobbled up the canteloupe tonight. Mmmm Mmmm. =)