Friday, January 26, 2007

Barn Raising

Wow! I didn't know it had been SO long since we posted! Sorry we've been so negligent.

Last Saturday, Jacob and Daddy went to a local Amish barn-raising. They had a great time working with the Amish men and the others that came to help. At lunch time, Mom and I drove over to see what was going on and to take some pictures. When we got there, we realized the camera's batteries were dead. We stayed around for a while and watched the progress, then went home. We went back just before nightfall and took a few pictures (making sure the camera had new batteries). To see more photos, visit Kaliste's Blog. She put together a really nice photo show.

Jacob's the one in the light blue shirt (he was moving, so we didn't get a good shot).

Tired (and dirty) men after a hard day's work

Of Sleeves and School Work

I sewed most of the day today. I had a hard time with the sleeves I was trying to put on my War-Between-the-States dress (I can't say Civil War), but I finally (on the third try) got them finished. Jacob has been doing a lot of academics in an attempt to complete all his work for this year. He has really been working hard and diligently.

I haven't been taking many pictures lately, so I'll post some from a few weeks ago. Hope y'all enjoy 'em!

Tricia Ann

Moving Party

We helped some dear friends move at the beginning of January. Moving is quite fun when you have the privilege of working with such wonderful company.

Lovely Miss Kaliste

Miss Laura and her mom helping box up the kitchen stuff.

Anna, Caroline, and Abigail take a lunch break.

Claire and Elijah took a piano lesson from Anna during a break :)

Fixing Shingles
"Not another picture!" and "Who, me?"

After a long day of packing, we worshipped the Lord together.

Preparing to depart

"Gardening on the fly" :)

Monopoly and Spoons

After unloading the moving truck at the new house, the young men decided to play Monopoly and asked me to join them. I , of course, accepted, and we had a jolly time. When Chris went bankrupt, we ended the game. Daniel was the winner. Then the girls and the parents joined us for a game of Spoons. It was a lot of fun, though it was the most violent Spoons game I ever played.

Whistling (probably Dixie)

The "business partners"
(next time I play with y'all I'm going to bring my own rulebook)

The winner
Miss Caroline...our cutest spectator

Chris was the winner!

NCAA Championship Game

We were at the home of some of our friends the night of the NCAA Championship game. The dads (one of whom is a Florida State fan), decided to see if they could watch it. In order to get a fairly good picture on the TV, they did some pretty fancy maneuvers.

"Maybe it will be clearer if we hold the wire in the air."

"That didn't work. Maybe close to the floor would be better."
Me and my buddy Jonathan

Jacob and Chris don't like Florida, so they and Daniel were cheering for Ohio.

I'm not sure exactly what we're doing here...we all look kinda goofy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Got Gum?

Top 8 redneck jokes for the week:

You might be a redneck if...

  1. You're in route, taking dinner to your pastor's house, when you see a dead 'possum in the road it reminds you that you left the food at home in the fridge.
  2. You play Carrom 'til you need a 'fangernail' transplant.
  3. You want your wife to go into labor so you can watch the NCAA championship game on the hospital's 72 in. plasma.
  4. 20 children and 4 adults are in the hospital, after visiting hours, sitting around waiting on a baby, in a cafeteria that is closed, drinking Sprite out of Styrofoam bowls.
  5. When the head nurse attempts to kick you out of the hospital because you have too many children, you reply, "It's a good thang we didn't brang 'em all!"
  6. When the doctor refers to your newborn "Little Princess" as "BigFoot". [Please don't get me wrong. LP is BEAUTIFUL. She's just got some Texas-sized feet.]
  7. You have mysterious wet spots on the front of your favorite SEC team sweatshirt.
  8. Someone(?) in your party picks the a.b.c. gum off the bottom of a cafeteria table and chews it. Hmm...