Friday, June 23, 2006

The Broncs and the Mud

This evening the Lingo and Lovett clans had a good time at the 17th Annual Mountain Top Rodeo in Dahlonega. The weather was absolutely bodacious! I must confess that bronc riding looks like fun to me. Steer wrestling looks fun too...and barrel racing...and calf roping. Anybody got a horse that needs breakin'? Bulls? Bring it on.

Photos: A courtesy of the R-Ranch


The Bradshaws said...

Um, wouldn't that be "The broncs and the blood, the steers and the mud..."

Sounds like a great time.

Anybody found a black tool bag with an 18v impact driver in it?


4x4DixieBoy said...

"...they call the thang rodeo!"

That's a negative on the tool bag or impact driver.

Claire B said...

Bring it on??? You remember good ol' Mousse, don't ya', Jake? We can't ride him fer nothin'! He could use some breakin'.

4x4DixieBoy said...

Ms. Claire,

Bring it on. I'd be glad to give him a go.