Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Wee Highland Lassie

Jacob's cow Thistle had a calf this week! She's tiny and adorable. He hasn't named her yet, so you'll have to wait until later for that. We discussed names briefly yesterday. If you want to read the story Mom wrote about how we found her, sign up for our newsletter. Thistle is very tolerant, and doesn't mind if we pet her baby. She doesn't like Hoss getting close to her, though.

She's so cute that I imagine you'll be seeing lots of pictures of her in future.

Here she is with her mama.

-Tricia Ann


Livvy said...

Oh, y'all ought to name her Fiona! ;D
She's lovely, by the way! :)


Livvy said...

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, Tricia Ann! :)

The DSLR I use is the Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm lens and a 55-200mm because I'm nuts about taking pictures of birds. :D

A young lady I know who owns a D90 blogs (and posts pictures) here:

We would love to visit y'all again soon! I can hardly believe it's been so long. . .

Everyone says hi back to the Lingo family, and that we miss fellowshipping with y'all!!

Much love,