Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flood 2010

Apologies to all our readers for keeping you so long in the dark. We are just fine, but very busy with farming. Also, our internet has been pretty haywire lately. For now, we'll bring you up to speed with a few posts about the happenings of the past couple of months.

On May 2nd, there was an epic flood, not only here, but in a lot of middle Tennessee. Beaverdam Creek, which is the border of our big pasture, rose and covered the entire pasture. Water flowed through like a river. It knocked down all Jacob's high-tensile fencing again, took out our whole potato crop, washed up all sorts of debris, and dumped large amounts of sand and gravel in our lower garden spot. Thankfully, we got all the animals, and equipment up to higher ground, out of the reach of the water. We were very blessed to make it through with so little damage. Many people around us lost their cows, farm equipment, cars, and their houses.

The power was out for about 5 days, but we were able to use our generator to keep our freezers going and to pump water from our well.

Dad and Jacob walking across the road
Here's our lake...I mean, pasture.

It was a perfect time for Superman to show up. He's standing in a hole that the water made in our driveway.
Here's the fence by the entrance to our driveway.
During and after the flood, we got to meet a lot of our neighbors. Everybody was making sure everybody else was okay. It was really neat to see the community coming together to help each other. Also, lots of people came to help us clean up and repair damage. Stay tuned to see pictures of our clean-up and fencing crews.

-Tricia Ann

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