Monday, July 19, 2010

Farmer's Market Booth Re-design

We have a corner space at the Farmer's Market this year, so our set-up had to be changed. Plus, we needed to make our booth look really nice, so we'd sell more veggies. We now have two "pop-up" tents to shade our produce (the phrase "pop up" is deceiving, but that's another story :). The front is for our display of veggies for sale, while the side/back is our CSA pick-up area. So far it's worked out really nicely. We also made new matching price tags, which we laminated so we can write the prices with dry-erase markers, in case we have changes. I designed three banners so our farm can be easily identified. After they were printed, I sewed velcro onto them, so we could just stick them to the sides of the tents.

All in all, I think it looks very nice and much improved.

We're still under the pavillion this summer...yay! It feels about 10 degrees cooler under there than out in the parking lot.

Microgreens have been a big hit this season.
Here's our CSA pick-up spot

"Hit him on the head!"
"More broccoli?"
-Tricia Ann

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John said...

The booth looks great. Hope to see you all soon.
Pop pop