Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hiking Trip

Last Wednesday morning, Daddy decided to take us to hike up Mt. Yonah (pictured at right). So after breakfast, we slathered on some sunscreen, packed a backpack full of water, cookies, and beef jerky (necessary for any hiking trip), got in the truck, and started out to find the trail-head. We arrived at about 8:00. It was a beautiful hike. The woods were so pretty, and some of the mountain laurels were still blooming.

We had gotten about halfway to the top of the mountain when Jacob spotted some men in camo on the trail ahead of us. They were almost invisible. We watched for a few minutes, and we saw that there was a large group of soldiers doing some rock-climbing training. This so inspired Jacob that he decided to try a little rock-climbing himself, but I'll let him blog about that. We ended up taking another trail to the top so we wouldn't disturb them.

This new trail was fairly steep, so our legs were really tired when we finally did reach the summit of the mountain. We were not able to see as much as we had hoped because the trees blocked our view. On the way back down the trail (part of which was gravel), it was so steep in places that we slipped and slid all over the place! Jacob declared that he needed a shirt that said "I skied down Mt. Yonah!"

After 4 hours of hiking, we came again to the beginning of the trail. We were all tired and hungry. Since it was lunchtime, Daddy took us to Yonah Burger to eat. We had a nice time (even though we could hardly move the next day from being sore).

~Tricia Ann

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