Thursday, June 28, 2007

Highland Games Pics

Thus follows some overdue pictures of the festivities in Blairsville, GA:

"Excuse me...I'm TRYING to take a picture, and that's not exactly what I wanted in the foreground."

"There we go. Thank you."

This reminds me of my idea for a new line of jokes...
You might be a Scotsman if..
  1. You have a problem with your leg-hair getting tangled.
  2. You often think, "*GASP* That man is wearing PANTS!!!"
  3. You think your beard is supposed to act as a beverage filter.

Yummm...Haggis. Well, there wasn't a warning sign, and I burnt my tongue....thus my expression.



The Bradshaws said...

Haggis? Truly? How was it (besides hot)?

The Lingo Clan said...

Yes, Sir. Genuine sheep...stuff. I liked it, Mom and Tricia Ann thought it was bad, and I'll have to let Dad speak for himself.

Thank you, Sir, for commenting.