Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Workin' Down by the Pond

Daddy rented a chipper/shredder last week. He brought it home around 3:00, and he and Jacob worked all afternoon shredding piles of branches and brush. The next morning they got up early and were out shredding again by sunrise, so they could get as much done as possible before they had to return the machine. At about 11:00, it was apparent that they weren't going to get finished on time, so they called me out to help. Since Daddy couldn't drive the truck across the dam, he parked it the far side of the pond (Jacob quickly pointed out that this dilemma was a another good reason to buy a 4x4). Jacob and I hauled limbs from the opposite side of the pond, and Daddy put them through the shredder. Jacob gallantly braved the pile of briars so I didn't have to get too scratched up and threw branches down for me to carry. I'm sure I made a comical figure because my hair was flying in all directions, and my sunglasses were constantly sliding down my nose or falling completely off. At lunch time, Mom brought us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We then continued working for a couple of hours. We didn't end up getting all the piles shredded up before Daddy had to take the shredder back., but we all had fun working together, in spite of a few scratches and bruises.

~Tricia Ann


Chris said...

Thanks for posting; looks like y'all are getting a lot of stuff done. Chickens tomorrow?

Now you just need to come up and help us...;) Actually, the main thing we need help is with coming up for a suitable name for the place. The Shire has been suggested, and vehemently denied. (and not just by one person, either). Suggestions appreciated.

I must agree with Jake. 4x4's are time and money savers. A must for every farm! I could turn into an OPT infomercial, but I'll save that for my Dad.

Peanut butter,


Laura B said...

I wonder, does the hat really help when it is turned that way, Jacob? You don't have to answer; I suppose it is just "the thing" to do.

4x4, absolute must! We are continually wishing our truck had four wheel drive.

Are y'all starting the peanut butter and jelly thing again?

The Lingo Clan said...

Yes, the chickens are supposed to arrive today (or did you mean "Are you going to blog about the chickens tomorrow?")

We tried to think of a name for our farm when we first moved here (without much success).

Chris said...

Actually, Laura, wearing the hat backwards in some work environments is very helpful. While it could be considered by some the "thing", I've experienced that the bill prohibits the head from getting into certain places when it's forwards.

The Lingo Clan said...

Laura - Yes Ma'am. You can bet your boots it helps.

Chris - Thanks. OPT FOREVER!

Grace & peace,