Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Layer House

We got the basic design of my layer house from Plamondon's website. Then, I decided that Mr. Plamondon was only an experienced farmer, so I went on a tangent, and we made our own modifications.

The finished coop.
Attaching the hoop of the coop, that wanted to droop, so I had to stoop, and used a staple shaped like a loop...OK, no more poetry.


Workin'. (I am, at least)
Zip-ties -- one of the 7 wonders of a redneck's world


A beautiful day for workin'.

More workin'.


Chris said...

Thats just way, way cool. What were the material expenses, if you don't mind me asking?

We ordered some ducks for our pond and they will be here tomorrow. Not exactly sure what you do with baby ducks, but it can't be much different than chicks, right?

This is completely and bodaciously random, but I never told you that when we were visiting George Grant's church, Darrell Waltrip was there three times. He's a legend. Him and The King. I could almost hear the "vroom, vroom" when I walked past him. Anyways. Thought I'd mention it.


The Bradshaws said...

That is definitely the best looking hoop house I have ever seen. Well done! I will be unashamedly imitating your modifications for use as a turkey tractor. What type of waterer will you be using?

The Lingo Clan said...

Let me check on the expenses, Chris, and I'll shoot you an email. A duck looks kind of like a chicken, anyway!

Thank you, Mr. Bradshaw. I'll be using a Kuhl bell drinker.

Pictures of waterer and moving the MiniCooper are forth coming.

Any ideas on how to move the chicken tractor, inexpensively?