Thursday, March 29, 2007

We purchased 6 mature laying hens yesterday from our friends. They are RIR/Comet cross...I think. They seem to be happy and at home in the MiniCoop. I'm giving them pulverized oyster shells for extra calcium.

I got my dolly today. It is AWESOME. Much easier to use than my skids.

Dad and I clipped the chickens wings this morning. I was the chicken catcher/holder, Dad was the clipper. For all you city slickers, chicken catchin' may look easy, but it ain't.

We set up a watering system yesterday. It consists of a 55 gal. drum (thanks Stouffers), 300ft of polyethylene pipe, T-connectors, and garden hose ball-valves.

Photographs forthcoming...


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Chris said...

Who you callin' a city slicker, pal?

Alright, I posted, its your turn.