Thursday, July 07, 2011

Into the Light

I was flipping through the latest issue of Organic Gardening Magazine one day last week, when I happened upon an article about garden photography. It suggested shooting into the sunlight early in the morning. I had never thought of this, and couldn't wait to try it. So yesterday morning while I was picking lettuce and green onions, I kept an eye on the sun, waiting for just the right time. Just as I saw it peeking over the trees, I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I discovered pretty quickly that I needed to switch to manual mode because the photos were under-exposed. The result? Some of the best garden shots I've ever taken! Here are just a few. I may post more later, if I have time.

I'm so happy that my sunflowers are finally blooming!

And lest I bore you with garden photographs, here are some people.

Jacob is saying, "If I were at a Mexican concert, I'd yell, 'Pollo Para No Dinero!'"
Speaking a little Spanish is sometimes worse than speaking none. Can any of y'all guess what he meant? :D
It was so funny that we laughed about it all morning.

Okay, so I need to work on self-portraiture now. ;)
-Tricia Ann


T Hollis said...

"Chicken for no money!" is what Jacob would yell at a concert... Hmmm... Well... OK...
And your self-portrait is beautiful, because you have a lovely subject!

{Camille} said...

I like your self portrait! Your eyes are an awesome color and you're really, really pretty.

WHAT was Jacob saying?

famayes said...

Do you guys have to water in Tennessee or do you get enough rain fall?

Also I don't see a way to follow your blog.

Tricia Ann said...

Good guess, Mrs. Hollis. That's what the literal translation is.

Thanks, Camille! Jacob was trying to say "Freebird!" :D

Hi, Famayes. This year we have gotten quite a bit of rain, but we still have to water occasionally. We use drip irrigation for long-term veggies and Wobbler sprinklers for shorter season crops like lettuce.

I believe the "follow" button is on the lefthand sidebar of the blog, near the top. At least that's the way it displays in my Safari browser.