Friday, June 17, 2011

Drought and Recent Photos

As y'all can see by our lack of posts, we've been swamped with garden work lately. In addition to all the harvesting, weeding, fertilizing, and making deliveries, it has been bone dry around here, so the garden has needed lots of irrigation. The problem is that our well has gone from 11 gallons-per-minute to 1 gallon-per-minute. So, we haven't had enough water to irrigate. All the plants have been getting very wilty, and we haven't been able to plant anything. Dad has been working out a solution. He got a pump and everything we need to get water from the creek up the hill to the garden. He and Jacob began putting it all together yesterday, but it's not done yet. In the meantime, we've been fervently praying for rain, and this morning the Lord is pouring the rain down on us! We're so thankful.

Here are some pictures I've taken recently. Hopefully, I can get some more up soon.

The cherry tomatoes are starting to come in! This is a mix of Sungold and Lemon Drop. All you CSA members should be getting these pretty soon.
Red trucks just make awesome pictures. I think so anyway. Jacob has listed MJ on Craigslist. :( I'll be so sad when he sells her.
We dug up a few potatoes to see how they were coming along. I love growing these...they're so pretty. We have Sangre (red), Purple Viking, and Nicola (white) in this picture.
And lastly, Jacob bought me a pair of white aviator shades. :)


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how much for the little red truck?

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