Monday, April 11, 2011

This and That

I just can't get this blog to look the way I want it to. I designed a nice new theme in Photoshop that was brown and blue. One Friday night, I decided to change out the header and the background really quick. Well, my "really quick" turned into 2 hours of wrestling with it. I finally just left it and went to bed because I had to get up early the next morning to go to the farmer's market. One afternoon last week, I tried again. After working on it two more hours, I got the header right, but still couldn't get the background up correctly. So, I gave up. I'm beginning to despise Blogger for causing so much frustration. Who knows, though...It might've just been too much airspace between the ears of this blonde user. ;) Anyway, I'm going to leave it like this for awhile.

I finally have pictures of the completed timber-frame building. I took these last Saturday when we began staining it. We've almost finished staining now, and it looks really nice.

Jacob always gets elected to perform the high-up tasks.

We've also started putting siding on the house. I think it's almost halfway done. Hopefully, we'll get the rest up in the next couple weeks. The guys are doing a fantastic job. The house is looking more "homey" now, as Mom says.
Some of our wonderful friends have come to help. It really moves faster with a three-man crew - one cutting and two nailing.

-Tricia Ann


Jeremy Beach said...

Tricia Ann,

I like the header. Also, you have my sympathy when it comes to hacking Blogger. It can be a bear, so I think it is good and right for you despise it. ;-)

I used Blogger for a while and had my own share of difficulties with it. In some ways, it's not very user-friendly...blond hair or otherwise

Watchful said...

I really despise both Blogger and Wordpress personally.

I am somewhat of an Expression Engine evangelist... but it costs money, and you have to host it on a server...