Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oats don't die easily...

It finally dried out enough between rains to do some much-needed tilling. Back in October, we seeded plot B with oats and clover as a cover crop. From some reading I'd done, I thought that the oats would die in the winter, leaving the plot ready for early planting. However, despite all the unusually cold weather, the oats survived beautifully with hardly a dead blade and had begun to re-grow vigorously by the middle of February. We learn a lot by the trial-and-error method. :) So, we tilled in our green manure as soon as possible. The oats were so tall that Jacob had to bush-hog before he tilled. Hopefully, we can begin planting out there in a couple of weeks.

Some clover in the oats
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-Tricia Ann

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