Thursday, March 18, 2010

Greenhouse Pictures


Duane Keys said...

Awesome! I'm so jealous. We are hoping to get the covering on our greenhouse early next week. It's 60+ degrees today and they are saying 6 inches of snow tomorrow and the next! @#$^!

famayes said...

I'm jealous too ... but in a godly way... Is that possible? - dont think so! I guess I'm just jealous! I would love to have a green house.

Are you going to prick out all those little seedlings into separate pots, or are you transplanting them directly into your garden?

The Lingo Clan said...

Hi Mrs. Mayes!

Those little seedlings in the picture are actually microgreens. We cut them as soon as they get their first true leaves.

The other plants in the greenhouse are in soil blocks, which will be transplanted into the garden. I'll try to post about soil blocks soon.

Tricia Ann