Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Again!

And this time, A LOT!

I think we got about 6 inches, which is rare here in the Sweet Sunny South. The first day it was very dry and powdery, but the second day it iced over some...perfect for sledding!

Redneck Four-Wheeler
"Snow. I dig it!"
Uhhh...not sure what this one's about

Tally Ho!

Gimli refuses to ride on the sleds; instead, he chases them.
Mary Jane at a distance
Me with a funny expression in front of the yaks.
Sledding down the hill was apparently too slow for these two.

Nice shades.
"Put your feet on the knots, lean back, and hang on!"
This is what sledding all day will do to you. :)
-Tricia Ann

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