Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Wild Highlanders

We got two more Highlands yesterday. They are due to calve in the spring. So we'll have little fuzzy cows all over the place. These were already named when I got them, so don't blame me if you don't like their names. :)

We've had a couple people ask if we are keeping yaks. They do look a little like yaks, and we think it's funny. So, Jacob's been making up yak jokes for the past day or two. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not:

What is a Nepalese bovine's favorite martial artist? Yak-ie Chan

What does a Nepalese bovine use to play tennis? A tennis Yak-it (okay, so Jacob didn't make this one up. Mom found it on the internet while looking for Gimli Report material.)

What is a Nepalese bovine's favorite Country singer? Alan Yak-son

...Anyway, you see what I mean. ;)

-Tricia Ann

This is Ellie.
I wonder if she's named after the Wooly Mammoth from Ice Age... :)

And this is Tartan.
Here is a better picture of Fluffy (what I'm calling her until Jacob decides to name her).


famayes said...

Those horns make me nervous!

Anonymous said...

those are some of the most cutest cows i've seen!!