Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reformation Day 2009

Here are the pictures I took on Reformation Day. I was struggling to come up with captions, and most of the ones I typed out were boring, to say the least. Jacob to the rescue! I hope you'll laugh as hard as I did.

-Tricia Ann

One of my favorite pictures of the day
"I know you...shot with you in high school?"
"You know...after you grin all the way through a 2 hr. turkey shoot...your cheeks get sore."
Queen of Reformation Trivia
Nice sweatshirt! "and it starts at my toes, makes me crinkle my nose"
They call me...MISTER BoomBoom.
Jake the excellent marksman (most of the time) ;)
"Wait...I got a four?!?!? Yessssss....."
Turkey-shoot spectators having a good time "It's not fair! They've got the guns! All we've got are these rocks!"
TJ tied for 1st place! I'll bet that Mountain Dew had something to do with it. :)
"Hi, Mom!!!!!"
Sacrebleu! Hoh-hoh!
Walking by Faith
The Diet of Worms line-up. Ages 8 and under only.
Loads of fun.
Or maybe not.
I think Allen enjoyed himself.
Ummmm...I think you're a little too old for this.
The parents had more fun with the marshmallow shooters than the kids did. ;)
Drumroll, please...
the Praise Your Wife Competition

"My precious"
"Let me tell ya about my wife..."
"You can clearly see that I have the fairest wife in the land!"

BoomBoom airs his head whilst Andy asks, "Are you ready for some footballlll??!?!?!"

Seems like somebody should be tackling somebody...

"It's a jolly good day to watch the boys hit each other, wouldn't you say?"
"Oh! Yes! I'm so glad you could come, Millie!"


Livvy said...
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Livvy said...

You had me laughing out loud, Tricia Ann!
Hope to see y'all again soon!