Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Buy Beaverdam Creek Veggies A La Carte

BUY LOCAL! Stop by Beaverdam Creek Farm for Your Fresh Fall Veggies!

Dear Friends and Neighbors of Beaverdam Creek Farm,

Our autumn garden is beautiful and thriving! We’d love for you to have some delicious Certified Naturally Grown vegetables for your family meal table!

Here’s your opportunity to buy Beaverdam Creek Farm Veggies ala carte! Below is a list of what’s currently available along with prices. We’ll be open for sales on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Closed Wed. Nov. 25th – Fri. Nov. 27th for Thanksgiving Holiday) Just give us a quick call at 931-623-3732 or send us an email to arrange a time to stop by so that we can harvest what you need and have it ready for you. That way, your produce will be absolutely fresh and delicious!

What’s Available?

Red Russian Kale – This beautiful purple-veined kale is more tender than the curly-leafed variety so it requires less cooking time. Our favorite way to prepare kale is simply to saute it in olive oil with fresh garlic, salt and pepper. ($3/bunch)

Beets – Our beets are sweet and tender. They're scrumptious raw in salads or cooked as a side dish. Have you ever tried cooking beet greens? They taste exactly like spinach and they're super good for you! ($3/bunch)

Galisse Lettuce - This beautiful bright green ruffled lettuce has been popular for more than 150 years because of its tender texture and mild flavor. ($2/head)

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
– A delicate, light-tasting head lettuce. This is a best-seller at the market! ($2/head)

Encore Lettuce Mix – A delicious mix of colors, shapes, and textures adds up to the perfect salad combination. Varieties include Blackhawk, Firecracker, Red Saladbowl, Tango, Parris Island, Deer Tongue and Rouge D’Hiver. Just rinse, spin and add your favorite salad dressing. This mix is so much tastier than the bagged store-bought kind! Once you’ve tried ours, you’ll never want to go back to factory-farmed salads! ($6/half pound)

Arugula – is a spicy little salad green with a rather pungent mustardy/peppery flavor. It has been popular in Italy for centuries but wasn’t well-known in the U.S. until the 1990’s when its popularity soared making it what some now say is “our national salad green.” It’s also known as Italian rocket, garden rocket, Roman rocket (rocket being a corruption of “roquette”), Italian cress, rugola or rucola. The internet is loaded with recipes for this trendy Mediterranean veggie. ($3/bunch)

D’Avignon Radishes – Another of our most popular farmers market sellers. Also known as French Breakfast Radishes, this elegant veggie is milder the traditional round radish. If you can resist eating them long enough to cook with them, try them sautéed in olive oil. Then toss them with the cooked pasta of your choice and top the dish off with freshly ground parmesan cheese. ($2/bunch)

Bright Lights Swiss Chard – I think this is one of the most beautiful veggies we grow! The neon-colored stems give it an almost surreal appearance. But alas! It fades upon cooking. So, be sure to show this veggie off to your Thanksgiving guests before you cook it. Better yet, let them pitch in and help with the preparations. It’s so much more fun preparing for a feast when friends and family work together in the kitchen! Check out this delectable-looking Swiss Chard Gratin recipe from What a unique and satisfying side dish for your Thanksgiving Feast! ($3/bunch)

Butternut Squash – This little veggie may look plain on the outside, but open it up and you’re in for a big surprise! Its bright orange flesh is sweet, nutritious, and super delicious! And it’s so very easy to prepare. We prepare it the same way as our Honey Bear Acorn Squash (see above).($2/pound)

Mesclun – (pronounced mes cloon) This is French for “mix”. It’s a tasty blend of baby garden greens such as kale, mazuna, bok choi, and tat soi. Mesclun is quite a bit more nutritious than standard salad mix because baby greens have more concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals than plain lettuces do. ($6/half pound)

Mustard Greens – I like the way the Whole Foods website describes mustard greens - “spunky and soulful!” They’re a peppery-tasting green that add a certain spicy kick to any Southern menu. We love to boil them in a pot of water along with some bacon grease and a tad of crushed red pepper. They’re fantastic with fried chicken, creamed potatoes and cornbread. They’re great with turkey and dressing, too! ($2/bunch)

Spaghetti Squash – A low carb alternative to pasta, this squash has a rich, buttery flavor. Serve with your favorite Italian red or white sauce or simply toss with butter, salt, and pepper for a simple side dish. ($2/pound)

Decorative Gourds
– Fascinating is the word that comes to mind. These little gourds will make your jaw drop with wonder. Their bright colored patterns look as if they’re painted on! At the market, children and adults alike stop to marvel at these wonder-veggies! Of course, they’re not edible but they make an absolutely marvelous centerpiece when placed in a basket or arranged on a tiered d
essert plate. ($1 each)

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