Friday, March 06, 2009

Snow Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, Gimli bounced me out of bed on the Lord's Day morning, just as he does every morning. I looked out my window and was surprised to see that there was about an inch of snow on the ground. Since everyone else wanted to stay in their cozy beds, Gimli and I went out to play all by ourselves. We were joined by Daisy and a lone rooster. Daisy didn't like the snow at all, but Gimli LOVED it! It was so funny watching him bounce around and bite the snow. 

-Tricia Ann
LOL! Isn't he cute?!? Gimli, I mean...not the rooster

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Livvy said...

How beautiful!
About 3 weeks ago we got 3 inches of snow. It was very strange after having none in almost 8 years. :)

Y'all have a wonderful and blessed week-end!