Saturday, February 14, 2009

Greenhouse Construction

We've been taking advantage of the warmer weather to work on some of our outdoor projects. The most urgent project right now is the greenhouse. Jacob keeps reminding me that it is not technically a "greenhouse" because it will not be heated. It is actually a "hoop-house". But, since I will be growing my transplants in it, I'm going to call it a greenhouse anyway. We might have other hoop-houses out in the field later for season extension. And besides, "greenhouse" just sounds better.

Jacob has done most of the work by himself and has done a great job, I might add. He learned all about building hoop-houses at the SSAWG conference in Chattanooga. So far, he has gotten all the hoops up and has framed in one side. When it is finished, it will have a double layer of plastic on top.

Hopefully, we will get it completed in time for me to start planting transplants in about 2 weeks.

Tricia Ann

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Duane Keys said...

We're in the process of building our own greenhouse as well... We haven't attended any conferences so keep posting progress so we can learn from your experience! :)