Monday, August 04, 2008

What Jacob does... this family's house, before they get home.

He borrows my camera and...

takes strange pictures of himself
takes bad pictures of me
takes pictures of his shoes (he insisted that I turn the picture black and white before I posted it)
and takes pictures of a sideways chicken with goofy sunglasses on ;)


Chris said...

Who is Jacob?

jacob said...

Who is I? That is something I'm not sure how to respond to. Am I missing something? Inside joke?

A few options:
1.Your worst nightmare.
2.Jake alias JJ alias Bo alias Joc alias Baby J alias Yardape alias...
3.A figment of your imagination. (I always get that wrong and say pigment or fillament...)
4.That lesdyxic guy rown the doad.
5.The guy who can't kick a soccerball worth a hill of beans.

Mebbe I should post asking who ppl think I am. I shall contemplate this...*ouch*

Dig it.

Christy said...

WHAT? I just noticed what is going on while I'm not home! I'm so sorry that we missed the fun. Y'all are ca-razy!

A friend ;) said...

Jake.. you forgot one of your alias's ;)