Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Farmer's Market

Last Saturday, we went to the Franklin Farmer's Market for the first time. We intended to arrive at 7 a.m., but it was 7:30 before we actually got there. We rushed around, trying to get our canopy assembled. It took a long time, even though we had done a trial set-up the night before. We had gotten it about halfway up, when it started to rain. Pretty much everything got wet to some degree. We finally got the canopy situated and set up the rest of our booth without too much trouble.

We met lots of nice people and a few very interesting ones. There was a homeschooling family in the booth next door. Lots of people stopped by to try samples of the shortbread I made. I had baked a lot of shortbread and cranberry walnut scones, thinking we would sell it. However, the market administrator informed us that we must have a "domestic kitchen certification" to sell baked goods. Bummer. He told us that we could give them away as samples, so that's what we did. I received a very nice compliment from a British photographer, who said my scones were really good. I thought it was somethin' to please a real British critic.

Here are some pictures Daddy and I took. The pretty booth set-up can be attributed to the creativity of my parents. They did a great job.

-Tricia Ann


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Joel Salatin's "Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal". So I found it a little humourous (with a touch of sarcasm) that you would need a "domestic kitchen certificate". I'm sure your baked good were delicious and the quality was much better than what comes from commercial kitchens. I'm glad you got "donations". :)

The Lingo Clan said...
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The Lingo Clan said...

Guess what? We're reading the same book! It's mind-boggling to think about all of these food "laws", isn't it?

Thanks for your encouraging words!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that it all went well after spite of the rain. The set up looks perfectly inviting. Let us know if you end up coming down this way, as we would love to get some of those tasty vegies from you. Are you planning to go ahead and get the kitchen certificate? What does it entail?


The Lingo Clan said...


Don't know when we'll get down your way. We'd love for y'all to come and visit here.

We haven't yet decided about getting the certification. If you're interested, I can email you the information that I have about it.