Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Bird’s-Eye View of Our Garden – Thank you very mulch!

This photo was taken by Philip as he sat atop our camper while installing our new vents and a/c. We’ve spent the last several days doing nothing but mulching the garden. Would you believe we used 6 round bales of hay? But, I think our efforts are already paying off. Mulching is of huge benefit to the organic gardener. It helps hold moisture in the soil, provides a haven for beneficial soil organisms, adds extra nutrients as it decomposes, and even provided a certain amount of protection against certain pests.

Tricia Ann read that keeping a thick layer of mulch around her potatoes would keep the dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle from eating her plants. So far, it’s working beautifully! We’ve seen the beetles on the nettles (yeah!), but none on the potato plants. In fact, these are the most lush and beautiful potato plants we’ve ever grown. The seed potatoes were so healthy-looking. We ordered them from, and we’re looking forward to ordering more varieties from them next season.


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