Friday, May 09, 2008

Hickman County Facial

One evening, we had a barbecue picnic with some of our friends. Just before we ate, one of the little girls walked through the mud-hole that used to be a little pond, and sank down about six inches. She got out, but her shoes didn't. A certain 14-year-old young man volunteered to rescue the distraught little girl's shoes. Balancing on a log, he made his way out to the middle of the mud and pulled out the first shoe. It made a sucking noise, and he threw the shoe to safety on solid ground; however, he was so busy keeping his balance that he did not pay attention to where he was throwing it. The shoe flew right over my head, and slung mud all over me. I was covered in it! It was so hysterical, I thought we were all going to die of laughter.

I was requested to post this picture because it is so "blog-able". It does not do justice to the amount of mud, mostly because I had wiped a lot off my face by the time it was taken. Anyway, here it is.

Tricia Ann

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to say "Poor girl", but you look as if you are really enjoying the picture, that is! :lol: Looking on the bright side can make a big difference in how you look back on these times. Keep laughing! ;)