Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Garden Prep

We've been busy getting the garden ready to plant. Jacob and Daddy bought a plow and a disc for the tractor. They've spent quite a bit of time breaking up the ground, which is always difficult the first year. After plowing and discing, they tilled it once or twice and then they made the rows. I've already planted a few tomato and pepper transplants, and I hope to plant the rest of the garden soon.

Tricia Ann

Okay...Where is the real dirt?
Something must be amiss. This dirt is not RED!
There's only one word to describe it...BIG!

Measuring rows


dlr said...

WOW! That is big!

Now, see... if y'all came up next week you could have taken some of our very black, very rich dirt home with you. Maybe next time...

The Lingo Clan said...

Sure wish we could visit with y'all, but we can't. Why? Because of this big garden!

Miss y'all!