Monday, September 17, 2007

Labor Day 2007

Here is a video I just finished of our trip to the lake for Labor Day. Actually, we changed the oil in the boat on Labor Day. This is really the day after. The actual "holiday" saw the lake jam-packed with boats and PFD's...I mean PWC's. The next day we had the lake to ourselves.

Dad did all this with a hurt Hmm, I wonder why he could barely move the next day.


Editing: Lingo Software
Music: Surfin' USA - Beach Boys


Chris said...

Priceless. Its like "SportsCenter", only with Lingo skiing highlights. Pretty cool. You realize Tricia Ann giggled when you wiped out? (Ok, I did too, but thats beside the point)

We need more Lingo highlight films, except in different activities, like moving chicken tractors.

See you soon.


Luke Weathers said...

This is great! We loved watching the "Lingo Clan Surfers" -- we especially loved the fast moves! :)

The Lingo Clan said...


Yes...she seems to find it amusing. My bilingual Chicken Processing Video is coming soon. When are y'all going to blog? I am getting the impression you are having trouble moving your tractors...


Thanks. I will try to get those pictures to you this week. I still get a laugh thinking about "incapacitated iPods" and "Iggy Pop". We need to play that again. :D


Christy said...

What fun! Awesome moves, unmatched bravery, and highly entertaining.

Eagerly anticipating the bi-lingual chicken processing video.

Y'all get on up here! (We have lakes here, too!)


Louise LaChance said...

Jacob, I loved it! That was great. Tricia Ann you will always have the cutest laugh. Miss you all, Louise