Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shooting Lessons for Tricia Ann

Her big "little brother" gives her instructions.

Look at the deer she scared up in the far pasture near the trees!


Louise LaChance said...

Tricia Ann, Do you like shooting? and did you get yourself a deer? Just kidding about the deer that is! Miss you Mrs. Louise

Laura B said...

Now you can give me shooting lessons, Tricia Ann!

The Lingo Clan said...

Mrs. Louise,
I only shot the gun one time, but I think I like it. I wasn't really aiming at anything. I was just shooting into the woods. As soon as I shot, 6 deer ran out of the woods. Jacob accused me of hunting out of season :) Miss you too!

LOL! I'm sure you already know how to shoot. Even if you don't, I wouldn't be able to teach you much. I need to learn how to aim at something now...Maybe next lesson.

Tricia Ann