Friday, July 27, 2007

Doyle Lawson, 4whlrs, and Waterballoons

Some of our good friends came up to spend the weekend with us. Friday Night we went to a Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver concert. I was very disappointed at the performance. Their CD is much better. When we got home from said concert, somebody started throwing waterballoons, which led to a full-fledged war. All the water balloons were soon disposed of, and 6 gallon buckets were put into commission. The original idea was to throw the water out of the bucket onto somebody. Somebody thought throwing water was too tame, so they resorted to throwing the bucket. Midnight came and went. Bedtime...

With the new day, I was assisted in my chores by my able-bodied comrade. The whole party took part in 4whlr-riding with no incident or injuries...or major ones, anyway. I don't know about anybody else, but I had a great time playing volleyball. I think that is one of my favorite sports.

Our neighbors graciously lent us their boxblade for filling a hole in the middle of our pasture. The use of this implement made the work go quickly. We had hotdogs for lunch on Saturday, followed by homemade icecream.


We younger folk at the Doyle Lawson concert

Two Dads and a cutie
The MomsI don't know who took this pic [sniff]

Hookin' up the boxblade

Fun on the 4whlr

I wasn't scared! I was only scared because...because...well see for yourself. [sniff]

"That down thar's the shifter-thangy."
Churning the icecream. You gotta love the shirt.


The Lingo Clan said...

"Somebody" started throwing water balloons?!? YOU started throwing water balloons!

Thanks for posting! You always think of clever captions for the pictures!

Tricia Ann

Katie said...

I didn't take that pic! I only took it because..... And my driving was not that bad either. Sniff!

I thought the concert was good(except for the first band) and I had a great time playing volleyball even if I was awful at it. And I would much prefer getting a bucket thrown at me then getting thrown in the pond :).

The Lingo Clan said...


Your driving has significantly improved, and I had a blast riding with all of y'all. [*raises arm and keeps it suspended for a second then lets it down*]

I think the first band was trying a little too hard or something. I'll have to let you borrow the DL & Quicksilver CD. 'Tis much better. I was rather expecting a certain someone to *attempt* to throw me in.

See you Wednesday, I think.


Katie said...

Thank you Jacob.

If that certain someone had decided to throw you in, then you would have gone in. But she wasn't planning to throw you in, she was planning something worse that never got carried out for some reason.

See you Wednesday.

Chris[edited by the blog administration] said...

Chris said...

First off, Jacob, you and Katie need to stop arguing. ;)

Second, I need to know where Scott has his hair done. I've never seen anything like it.

Third, they need to come visit us.

Thats all I've got.

The Lingo Clan said...


Well. I consider getting hit with a bucket full restitution for the pond incident. I may possibly have gone in IF she had taken an accomplice (Scott). You wouldn't do that to me, Scott...would you?...Buddy???


First off, we weren't arguing.

Second, I did my hair the same way at Woebegone Valley. You can ask Caleb how I did it. He was there.

Third, you can't expect them to visit you without an invitation.

Fourth, I edited out their last name for security purposes.


Katie said...


So if she had thrown you in the pond, and for your revenge, you threw a bucket at her, you would consider that full restitution? And no, Scott wouldn't have helped her. He's too loyal. :)

We missed y'all today.

First off, no, we weren't arguing.

Second, Scott got his hair cut at some chinese place. Something must have gone wrong because it seemed like all the hair got cut off the sides but not the top. To be fair though, it really doesn't look that bad normally so it must just have been from riding the 4whlr.

Third, I would love to come visit but like Jacob said, we haven't gotten an invitation. :)

Scott said...

whats wrong with my hair? it just has that windblown look.

The Lingo Clan said...

I thought your hair was awesome. In fact, I thought it was so cool I styled mine like it (in the back of a truck) last time I was in TN.