Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Let us die like men!"

"Our God was my shield. His protecting care is an additional cause for gratitude."
---Stonewall Jackson

"I would have never surrendered the army if I had known how the South would have been treated."

"If I had had Stonewall Jackson with me, so far as I can see, I would have won the Battle of Gettysburg."

"Alabama soldiers, all I ask is that you keep up with the Texans!"

"I can only say that I am nothing more than a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation"
--- General Robert E. Lee

"Never stand and take a charge...charge them too!"
---Nathan Bedford Forrest

"The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy."
---General Jubal Early

"Go back and do your duty as I have done mine and all will be well! I had rather die than be whipped!"
--James Ewell Brown Stuart


Chris said...

Amen, and amen, brother! Thanks for these. I especially like "keep up with the Texans"!

Mike said...

Super post Celtic Brother!

Chris said...

I read this morning where a British observer was reviewing The Army of Northern Virginia with Lee, and when the Texas Brigade had past, the British Colonel noticed the raggedness of the backs of the Texans' "uniforms". Lee responded: "Maybe so, Colonel, but the enemy never sees the backs of my Texans."

"If I thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission, and offer my sword to the other side." --Ulysses S. Grant

4x4DixieBoy said...

Thanks Bro!