Sunday, October 22, 2006

11-22-06 Lord's Day

After church today, Tricia Ann and I picked on our intruments for a while. Then we all went on a walk around the pond, and Dad and I played "kick-back" for several hours. This evening we saw upwards of 11 deer; whereof, at least two were bucks. That was encouraging to our hunting efforts.



Laura B said...

How very encouraging to know that neither we nor the Brothers will be at all missed on Lord's Days!

4x4DixieBoy said...

Didn't you read the comment on your blog, Ma'am?

Laura B said...

I did, and I am highly honored that you would condescend to look at such a thing as my pitiable little blog.

We really did miss y'all at the slaughterin' Saturday.

kaliste said...

We miss y'all too!