Monday, July 03, 2006

Recent Happenings

Today I was driving the mower around the pond and spooked two bucks. They ran up toward the house, for Dad looked out the window and saw them...a 6 and an 8 pointer. I am looking foward to this deer season.

Last night, Tricia Ann and I rode the neighbor's horse, Sage. Rather, she rode...I watched. I really didn't feel like riding on an English saddle (wasn't too fond of the hot-pink saddle blanket either). The actual reason was that I didn't want to show off my "excellent" ridin' skills in front of the neighbors...uhhem.


Laura B said...

Not too fond of English riding either!

Oh, the excellent riding skills!!! I see!

Caleb Lovett said...

I don't blame you! The only time I have ever fallen off a horse, is when I was riding English. I'll stick with western.

kaliste said...

English really isn't that bad, you just have to get used to it! In a way, it makes you feel more free and you don't have to worry about a saddle horn getting caught in your middle when you're jumping!

katie said...

English riding is horrible. I can't stand it. It is so uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

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