Monday, June 08, 2009

First creek trip of the season

It's just now getting hot enough to go swimming in the creek again. Even when it's warm outside, Beaverdam Creek can be icy cold. One afternoon, after working hard in the garden, we went swimming for a little while with some friends. The swimming hole is completely different than it was last year. Some places that were deep are now shallow; and some places that were shallow are now deep. You can't jump off the rope swing anymore because you'd hit the bottom! It's the strangest thing. I guess the flood is responsible.

The pictures are worth more than the words, so here they are.

-Tricia Ann

They look like they're up to something.


Me and my little buddy, who's not so little anymore


marmee said...

looks like fun...thanks for the link(buster brown) on your newletter.
buster says he will put his paw on the petition.

The Lingo Clan said...

I'll tell Gimli that he has Buster's support ; )