Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our T-shirts Are Here!

We're really pleased with the way they turned out. Want one? We'll have them for sale starting today at the Franklin Farmers Market as we kick off the new summer season with
Check out to find out all about
the day's special events.


Miss.M said...

Those are so nice. Y'all did a good job.

Joseph said...

I love the t-shirts! Who did the design?

Mike said...

They look bodacious!

The Lingo Clan said...

Glad y'all like the shirts!

Joseph, we hired a company to design our "beaver" logo, but Tricia Ann designed the back of the shirt. We've had them since Wednesday afternoon and we've sold half of them already, so we're very pleased.

Miss y'all! Tell your Mom and Dad "Hello" from us!


nashbabe said...

Way to go Tricia Ann! Signed, that crazy lady in the glittery apron. :-)