Monday, June 09, 2008

New Kitties, and name suggestions please!

We got two 8-week-old kittens on Saturday. One is black, and the other is grey with stripes. They are so tiny and cute. We're thinking about naming the black one Porthos or Gizmo, but that's not certain, and we can't think of any girl names for the striped one. We've had various amusing suggestions such as Elvis and 'Cilla, Blacky and Stripey, Tigger and Pooh, Haldir and Galadriel, etc. So if any of y'all have suggestions, please leave a comment.

They're staying in the camper with us until they get big enough to avoid being coyote bait 

My camera battery went dead as I was taking pictures, so I don't have one of the black kitty yet. The little striped one made herself at home on top of our farming books (see, we need to pick some names so I don't have to keep saying the "black one" and the "striped one"). 

~Tricia Ann


Simply Tiffany said...

I have some friends that went through "Horatio Hornblower" for names for their kittens. When all of those died, they moved over to Jane Austen...which is where they are at the moment...she has quite a few boy and girl names available. :) Once they run out of those names, I believe they are moving over to Charles Dickens for some inspiration...which should last them a lifetime. :)

Porthos is a fun name, especially since the Three Musketeers is one of my all time favorite books...but Gizmo/Gizzmo is just sooo funny. :) Anyhoo, that's just my two cents...

Anonymous said...

The last one demands recital of the famous quote, "Curiousity killed the cat". ;-) You have a real bookworm there! :lol: You could always name them after the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace...).

ElderClan said...

My sister-in-law's cat was named Gizmo - he was such a cool cat and I always loved his name. He died this week after a very long life so my vote is for Gizmo. I don't have a suggestion for the female, but will let you know if something comes to my sleep deprived brain.

red said...

Hmmmmmmm, I guess you could go original and call them Dick and Jane or what about dirt, sugar, sunshine, honey, dew.....these are just acouple that we have used for our chickens. There is also the choice of using names from books and stuff.
It has been fun reading your guy's blog and being able to follow what you do day to day.
Have a great week. ~Red

Tricia Ann said...

Hi, everyone! Thanks for the comments.


It was so nice to meet you and your family. I can't wait till y'all come for presbytery next year!

Your friends should certainly come up with some unusual names from Charles Dickens novels!


Great idea. At one time I had an inspiration from Psalm 23...naming some kittens Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy ("shall follow me all the days of my life..."); however I would have to get three girl kittens in that case. :)

Mrs. Elder,

Thanks for the imput! When are y'all coming to see us? :)


I've been enjoying reading y'all's blog. I'm so glad y'all came to visit. I hope to see you at presbytery too!

-Tricia Ann