Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neoteric occurrences

Wow. A lot has been going on. I don't really even know where to start.

We bought a camper/trailer. That was a biggie. We are completely moved out of the house in town. This family has been more than kind in providing us with shelter whilst we try to get our trailer livable.

One of my buddies and I put up a couple of strands of barbed wire to keep out the neighbor's cows, and in the midst of our labors, some more friends showed up and lent us a hand. Thanks, y'all.


Stretch it

Staple it

Untangle it

Untangle it some more

Hand the demanding people the tools

The driveway is nearly finished. It looks very good. Hopefully we can get the trailer up the hill next week.

"Jolly good day, don't you think?"

Yesterday me and my gang cleaned out the barn and were successfully able to avoid Reba G. ;) There was an entire room filled with old clothes, corn cobs, corn husks, and other trinkets. Burn it we did. Burned it dead. Oh! Three of us young folks took CLEPs yesterday and all passed! That was a relief. Last night was movie night. We watched one of my favorties...Remember the Titans. I have no clue what we are doing today, but I'd better get busy doing it.



Anonymous said...

Haha! Been there, done that. It looks like things are moving along with the settling in. What type of water will ya'll have? (City, well, spring...)

The Lingo Clan said...

When we were living in town last month, we could not bring ourselves to drink that chlorine/flouride polluted, city water. We are still trying to decide whether we should pump from the spring or a well. Any wisdom?

Anonymous said...

Who on earth is Reba G?


Chris said...

Me and My Gang is a pretty awesome song.

Don't let her get you, Kyle. Ruthless, she is.

The Lingo Clan said...

It would take quite a lengthy post to explain Reba G. Cable Bob and Bubba reserve the right help me explain it, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I suggest talking to people that have lived there for a long while to find out the dependability of the spring water. We only use spring water, and it has always been dependable for us...even with 8 people, and all of the animal waters to boot. A lot depends on the lay of the land. Our neighbor, on the other hand, has a well. And he has been content with it.

Btw, if you have to pump the water up a hill using electricity, DEFINITELY have a back up source of power for those exciting days when the power board has line issues.


The Bradshaws said...

So...neoteric occurrences are not so neo now. Any new news?? (Not that I have any room to talk)

Mary Susan