Saturday, May 19, 2007


That's the one word that an Athenian soldier could gasp out as he came limping into Athens after sprinting 26 miles from the Battle of Marathon. Well, we didn't exactly run a marathon or win a battle, but we did (through much study) pass our Western Civilization 1 CLEP test on Friday. We ended up having to do a bit of cramming on Thursday night. We were trying to memorize 50+ pages (front and back) of notes we had taken from our Western Civ. book by copying them. We didn't finish until about 2 a.m. There's obviously a lot to study when your test covers all the history between 25,000 B.C. : ) and A.D. 1600. We got really tired, but we had fun anyway.

Here are some pictures that Mom took.

~Tricia Ann

Daddy got us some Coke so we could stay awake.

We each used up a whole pad of paper!

After writing about 30 pages, our middle fingers got sore, so we broke out the Band-Aids!

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