Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fun to be Feminine

Hey, Girls! Isn't it fun to dress like a young lady!? I think so. Swishing skirts, hoops, calicos, petticoats, scarves and shawls, gloves and hats...They're all so delightful and feminine (I wouldn't expect you boys to understand)! I finally finished sewing my dress, and here it is...not the best picture in the world, but it will do.

Tricia Ann


kaliste said...

Oh it's just beautiful Tricia Ann! You did a lovely job!

Christy said...

Tricia Ann, you are beautiful in your work of art! God has truly gifted you with incredible skill and talent.

Laura B said...

Oh! Tricia Ann! you're beautiful!

The Bradshaws said...

I can't believe we just got home from your place and didn't even see the finished product!!


The Lingo Clan said...

You are all too kind!

Laura and Claire already made their "Southern Belle" dresses. Now you need to make one, Kaliste! Then we can all wear them to church one day!

Tricia Ann

Claire B said...

Lovely, lovely, absolutely lovely!

Miss y'all!