Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

We went to Granddaddy and Grammie's house on Friday night and stayed until the Lord's Day evening. Grammie, Mom, and I cooked and baked ALL day Saturday. We made all sorts of things...chocolate cake, holiday salad, chocolate covered fruit, cheese trays, pepper jelly tarts, etc. As you can see from the photos, Jacob decided to help with the reindeer cookies. On the Lord's Day, we went to my Uncle's church. When we came home, my Uncle and Aunt, and their children and grandchildren joined us for lunch. Granddaddy had grilled a Sinclair Duck (that is, a standing rib roast for those of you who don't speak Granddaddy Language), our traditional Christmas Eve dish, and it was delicious! After that, we read the Luke 2. Then, we opened our presents.

Can you guess which ones Jacob decorated?
Before church

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