Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Campbell Invasion

On the evening of Friday, September the 15th, we had some of our beloved friends over for dinner. After most of our guests left, two of our strange cousins, Marty and Othar Campbell, arrived late, after fixing their pickup truck ('87 Chevy K-10, 36" tires, Flowmaster exhaust, loud & obnoxious...;). They joined our bluegrass jam session; wherewith, we had many a merry laugh. In the midst of our "picking", several of our other Campbell relatives joined our blithe throng. On the whole, it was quite a jolly evening.

~T & J~

Othar & Marty


Claire B said...

You know, on LORD's day I was told that Othar and Marty strongly resembled Jacob and Elijah, but I really can't see that at all. ;)

Chris said...

Wait a second, I thought'87 Chevy K-10s didn't ever need fixing?

4x4DixieBoy said...

Alas, my dear friend, but you misunderstand the variety of fixing. Adding another 3 inches of lift can be considered fixing!