Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aunt Carole's Poem

My Aunt wrote the sweetest poem. Thought I'd publish it here. Thanks, Aunt Carole!

Guess Who

One is blond with soft pale blue eyes.
The other brunette
With viewers the color of chocolate pies.

One is made of sugar and spice.
The other - snails, nails, and puppy dog tails
And other stuff, not so nice.

One is a princess
In lace and chiffon
Who gives luncheons and teas.

The other is a cowboy
Wearing flannel shirts and blue jeans
Who'd rather eat beans or peas.

One plays the cello
As a mellow angel sitting on high.

The other, the guitar
Like Roy Rogers did long ago
Sitting under a western sky.

So different but yet so much alike
How? You might ask.
Bet you can't guess yet

A wonderful duet
A sister and brother
And I'm their great aunt!

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